Hypnosis Introduction


Thanks for getting your free Blissful Pregnancy Hypnosis Audio, courtesy of Blissborn Birth Hypnosis and Born in Ecstasy Birthing.

To best enjoy the experience of this please download this to your phone or computer. When you’re ready to use it, get yourself into a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed for about 15 min. Find a cozy chair, couch or bed to lie on. A parked car in a quieter location can work well too with headphones and a reclined seat. Never use hypnosis while driving or operating machinery. Quiet your notifications and then get comfortable and listen.

With hypnosis each time you use it you are able to relax more and make better use of it. Often the first couple of time folks feel like it’s not working. It is. With each subsequent time it will be easier to quiet your mind more quickly and deeply, so keep using it. If your mind is active during the hypnosis keep redirecting it to the instructions in the hypnosis and keep focusing on breathing deeply.

If you would like to learn more about whether hypnosis classes or sessions are right for you or whether hiring me as a doula is right for you please email, text or call. I’m more than happy to discuss your situation with you to discover what might work best.

Enjoy your pregnancy. It is a special time you will want to remember forever. Not all parts of it are comfortable or easy and nonetheless it is a sweet and precious time to hold your baby close and get to know them on the inside. It’s a time where good care and preparation can go so far toward insuring the wellbeing of your future selves. Enjoy making your health and wellbeing a priority. Enjoy taking the time to relax and let go of stress everyday! You deserve that!

Remember, with the right support and preparation having the birth you want it achievable. Birth is a sacred, magical, unforgettable experience. You can most assuredly set the scene for the highest potential to unfold. I’d love to help you with that.

I hope you love the Joyful Pregnancy Hypnosis Audio.

Please email, text or call! I’d love to hear from you and find out how I can further serve you.

Best wishes for a joyful pregnancy and fabulous birth!,


“Birthing is a portal into expansion. You are the embodiment of the Creator- the sacred vessel. As the mother, your nourishment becomes the fertile ground & prophecy of your little one.”

-Rebecca Ellisor
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