Blank Prayer Flags Set of 10 Flags surged Edge. Five Tibetan Traditional Colors. Each Color Represents an Element.

  • For centuries Tibetans have hung prayer flags on mountain tops, homes, stupas and temples. The prayers written on the flags are released out to the universe as the wind blows through them. 
  • As the images and prayers fade from the flags, they become a part of the universe.  New flags are often hung on auspicious days and during celebrations.  This listing is for a set of blank prayer flags.
  • I received requests from customers to get these blank flags and they have been very popular. You can put your own prayers on these flags. Each flag is made from high quality cotton blend fabric and measure six by eight inches.
  • There are five Tibetan traditional colors which are Yellow, green, red, white and blue. Each color represents an element.  This rolls has two of each color (ten total flags).
  • Our prayer flags maker use traditional woodblocks and screen printing and employ hardworking women who are compensated fairly for their work and skills. 

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