Mountain Meadow Herbs Gentle Birth for Birth Prep/Labor Prep, Fast Acting Liquid Herbal Extract for Childbirth Support – 4oz

  • Strengthens & tones the uterus in preparation for labor, speeds healing & recovery. Provides support for a smooth, less painful delivery and may reduce the need to induce labor.
  • Recommended by midwives and doulas and perfect for making a labor prep tea in the third trimester. Count our Gentle Birth formula among your labor must haves, and help your body be at its best when labor starts.
  • Liquid extracts are up to 70% more effective than tablets or capsules, and more concentrated than conventional teas made at home. Absorption is almost instant and in many cases benefits can be seen quickly.
  • Contains these natural herbs: Skullcap herb, Bayberry bark, Blessed Thistle herb, Blue Cohosh root, False Unicorn root, Ginger root, Motherwort herb, Partridge Berry herb, Red Raspberry leaf, Wild Yam root.
  • If you are taking red raspberry supplements, we suggest Gentle Birth w/o Red Raspberry. If you suffer from high blood pressure, we suggest Gentle Birth w/o Blue Cohosh.

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