Respect for the New Family

Diversity of one of my most valued principles. Every family is unique and evolving. This is the preciousness of life. How you birth and how you parent and your needs within that will be uniquely yours and I am eternally grateful for the honor of attending to you at this sacred intersection of adding a new being to your family. 

How you chose to do things will be a patchwork of you and your partner and your most treasured values and loves. There is no one right way and there is a wonderful harmony when each person’s voice is heard.  Together we strive to strike that harmony.   

You will evolve your own set of rituals and traditions for birthing and parenting. I love to support you in that. Enter your labor and newborn life with preparation and a plan in place to enact these important acts of care and love to ensure they happen and that your get the nourishment from them

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