Birth Doula Services

Every birthing mom and child is sacred and unique and should be treated as such. Your family deserves that care through your pregnancy and birth.

Postpartum Support

As your postpartum doula, I want you to thrive. You are stepping into a new role with a new little one and getting great support

Placenta Encapsulation

This is the process of preparing your placenta into capsule form for consumption to aid in the mother’s postpartum recovery. I work with hospitals, home

"Female bodies are superbly designed for pregnancy, birth and mothering.
We need to provide the circumstances where the superb design can unfold optimally."

- Sarah Buckley MD
birth hypnosis class

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Classes

Hypnosis is the safe, 100% natural way to enjoy a relaxed and calm birth. Studies have shown that it shortens labor and reduces pain, too.

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Class

The hypnosis skills taught in this class begin working right away offering deep relaxation and stress reduction to your pregnancy. They continue to provide benefit through your birth and into your life with your new baby. Learn how to let go of fears around birthing and access the greater opportunity of surrendering into your instinctual mind where birth is designed to flow smoothly, even ecstatically.

"May she hold on to the art of surrender, learned as she came down her mother's birth canal steeped in the hormonal imprints of this art; may she remember it as she suckles at her mother's breast; and may she witness it played out by sisters, friends and aunties. When the time comes for her to take a turn at this woman's legacy, may it be so deeply ingrained that it comes with welcome and ease. May she birth her first child in sweet surrender--in powerful ecstasy."

- Carrie Lynn Fors-Newman

Beyond Birthing Services

Cultivating the ecstatic life

Hypnosis & Coaching for Ecstatic Living

As growing evolving people we go through challenge and rite of passage that reflect our maturing and ability to shape life in a masterful way. It’s about growing and thriving as a way of life. It is my greatest love to guardian these passageways much like I guardian that of the birth. With care, fabulous tools such as hypnosis and meaningful ritual and celebration.

Download Hypnosis Introduction

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Ellisor CD BHE CHT
Birth Doula & Birth Hypnosis Educator

Rebecca is an inspired and creative mama of three girls who is dedicated to serving your needs as you prepare for family expansion. She was trained and certified in hypnotherapy and life coaching and has mentored with Anahata Graceland for more than ten years.

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