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Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Classes

Hypnosis is the safe, 100% natural way to enjoy a relaxed and calm birth. Studies have shown that it shortens labor and reduces pain, too. It’s my #1 tool as a doula and it goes on serving you for all of life.

Blissborn teaches a highly effective way to use self-hypnosis to stay calm, release fear, control sensations and create a satisfying experience. Each two-hour class features activities, hypnosis, discussion, special training for birth partners, a practice CD and a manual. Each class builds on the last. This class is intended for couples in their second or third trimester. Private and group classes offered. Birth professionals can attend as guests at no charge.

Homework, CDs and independent self-hypnosis practice take 30-40 minutes/day, and this homework is fun! Those who practice daily have the best results.

Hypnosis is an easy, effective and powerful way to prepare for and manage the sensations of labor. In this comprehensive five week class we cover everything important to the journey of birthing your babe. Perfect for hospital, birth center or home births.

The hypnosis skills taught in this class begin working right away offering deep relaxation and stress reduction to your pregnancy. They continue to provide benefit through your birth and into your life with your new baby. Learn how to let go of fears around birthing and access the greater opportunity of surrendering into your instinctual mind where birth is designed to flow smoothly, even ecstatically.


  • Group Classes $340

    Consists of 5 Weekly 2-2 1/2 hour classes on zoom or in person.

  • Private Classes $460

    Customizable & Individual Training in the Comfort of your Own Home


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