Sovereignty and Birth

Often birthing is referred to as a rite of passage. Going through pregnancy and birthing your baby by nature is expansive and challenging. It makes you a stronger person. You need to be that stronger person to then take on the next challenge of raising that child. Holding your journey as sacred and meaningful gives us opportunity to be intentional about how we rise to the challenge. We get to make the most of our experience and harvest what we are wanting to harvest from the challenge. 

This process is uniquely individual and personal. You are in the drivers seat and ultimately responsible for the choices you make for yourself and your baby. There isn’t a more important time to practice listening to your inner knowing and speak your truth about what you know is right for you. 

As your doula I am a servant to your vision and your growth process and wellbeing throughout this journey. I respect your decisions and desires and collaborate with you and your team to make them happen.  I utilize  whatever tools and understandings will best serve your purpose.

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