“Rebecca is an exceptional doula & hypnosis coach! Her care is top-notch, thorough and comprehensive. She’s been at my side in my pregnancies, during and after the births of my 2 children…She helped me use hypnosis to stay more relaxed in birth and as a new mom. She anticipated my needs before I even knew what I wanted…”

- Jenn

“Rebecca was a fantastic doula!. I recommend her so highly. She gave me incredible care and love and was critical to my having the confidence to have a home birth. I knew I wanted to have a home birth, but was scared. No-one in my family had ever had a home birth and my Aunt kept saying “just get an epidural.” Rebecca gave me a whole new perspective on birthing. She helped me believe in myself, and gave me incredible skills to prepare myself for the birthing process. In fact the hypnosis skills she taught were so helpful I still use them!

It is so clear that Rebecca LOVES what she does. She went above and beyond at every stage of my pregnancy. And the love I felt from her during labor was palpable.

Lastly, as a first time mom, I knew there was a lot for me to learn. But Rebecca helped me to learn the things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. As a doula she is a mother’s best friend. – she supports, loves, helps you see your strength and really gets your back.”

- Jessica Blinn
Local Musician & Music Teacher

“Rebecca is my hero. If you want a beautiful birth, Born in Ecstasy is your place. Rebecca was there in those moments before, during, and after birth that created an experience into parenthood that made us feel supported. As a hypnosis coach Rebecca addressed our birthing fears and anxiety and ensured we were ready though preparation. As a doula Rebecca kept me focused, mellow, and centered on the beauty of a natural birthing process. My birth was 18 hours of flawless harmony, and it was a huge thanks to Rebecca who held down a safe, soothing, and sacred environment in a hospital setting. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Rachel

“Rebecca Ellisor is the most remarkable Doula. I have experienced her at my side before, during, and after the births of my own 2 children, as well as witnessed her at other births, and as a teacher of my birthing class. She is professional, timely, responsive, consistent, reliable, soothing, versed in many birthing cultures; a true artist. She anticipates the needs of a momma before she even knows of them herself! A priceless asset for a first-timer or for experienced family with children, I recommend her services to anyone. She helped me feel safe, supported, confident, and open to my own resources of joy, fortitude and ecstasy. The birth environment she creates is one that births the whole family into a new day together.”

- Julie

…As a man, I was not sure what part I had to play in the birth of my first child and “Rebecca helped me understand how important I was as part of the triad that we were. I learned how to care for my wife in the most precious and important ways that mattered to her and it was all anticipated ahead of time so I was ready to cater and serve my queen and our new baby with ease… I couldn’t imagine it any other way then having my babies at home with Rebecca as our doula. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have the best possible experience with a home or hospital birth…

- Arturo

Hiring Rebecca as our doula was undoubtedly the best decision we made and the most important piece of advice I would offer to those transitioning into parenthood. She made my whole experience from pregnancy to postpartum feel sacred and extraordinary. Her passion, knowledge and instinct for birthing held a space full of comfort, inspiration, and calm. I felt fully understood, connected and respected by Rebecca regardless of my decisions during the journey. We hired Rebecca late into my pregnancy and despite the timing she met with us frequently to get to know us, our hopes, and our needs for the rest of the pregnancy and birth. She asked thoughtful questions to understand out concerns, fears and excitement. She drew on our strengths, offered guidance and connected us to great resources. Her presence and support as well as her practices created a needed steadiness that set us up for success in the birth and postpartum.

Our experience from start to finish with Rebecca was magical. I felt like we were a team. She always had our backs and leaned into the discomfort I was experiencing and understood deeply when I needed my partner. She showed up offering space throughout the entirety and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I really wanted my partner to be my main support person and he was. However, Rebecca was able to strike a beautiful balance of supporting us both and making the experience run smoothly. Birthing was hard and I was able to draw on the strength Rebecca provided through our preparation knowing that I could do this. We received many great gifts throughout our time with Rebecca with the most important one being the hypnosis class. I was so grateful to have that so I could relax, breathe and move through the contractions. This provided such peace during a time that felt so vast.

Although my original birth plan did not go as expected, I always felt supported. It was extremely comforting to have Rebecca’s gentleness, guidance and patience through the changes. She showed up with such thoughtfulness and attentiveness, which allowed me to feel empowered as I continued to move through the birthing experience. I would not have changed a thing.

We were hesitant in the beginning about spending the money on a doula but it was worth every penny. I am so happy we were able to find Rebecca and have her support. We attribute so much of our success to her loving and compassionate expertise. Overall, even though it did not go to my plan our birth experience was unforgettable and osacred. Please give yourself this beautiful support and hire Rebecca as your doula because you deserve a breathtaking experience and you will have no regrets.

- Jenni Olmstead

“A year ago, I had my baby boy at home surrounded by love and comfort! It was Rebecca who helped me piece together a reality where such an amazing experience was possible. As a doula, she offered compassion and knowledge while honoring my values. She extended her professionalism and kindness to my family and supported us all through the biggest experience of our lives! I am also so grateful for skills she taught us through Blissborn classes! It was an incredibly effective and necessary resource throughout my labor and continues to be a helpful tool. I would recommend Rebecca 100%”

- Madison Mendoza

“Rebecca was amazing! Born in Ecstasy birth services helped make our birth incredible! Having an experienced doula like Rebecca made the world of difference to us , besides her incredible knowledge , her passion for her work made us feel like family! I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you again for helping us bring our most precious angel into the world!”

- Ryan McBride

I don’t know how I would have made it those first weeks for motherhood without Rebecca.

I changed my birth plan more than half way through my pregnancy. I switched for a hospital birth to a birth house and decided I wanted some more support so I went to a “Meet the Doula Night” where I met Rebecca…I knew she was the one immediately.

My husband and I met for coffee with her the following week to talk specifics. Unfortunately it was too late in the game for me to take the hypno-birthing classes in person but I was able to do the home study with much success. Prior to our daughter arrival Rebecca visited our home several times to get to know us and get us prepared.

On the night I was in labor…I wasn’t actually sure if I was in labor or not and was in regular contact with Rebecca as well as the birthing center. It was Rebecca who suggested I take a bath and if things amp up this is it and if things become less intense just try to get some sleep.

Well things amped up and fast! By the time Rebecca got to my house I was having regular intense contractions. She helped me move through them in a productive and peaceful way. She was literally on my bed with me rubbing my back and coaching me how to use my voice to lean into the sensations of birth. I felt so much confidence with her there.

She suggested we move to the birthing center (if I have another child I will have them at home because the drive was the worst part of my whole experience and was only like five minutes long.

When we got to the birthing center she just was so amazing. She literally fanned me while I labored in the tub. Took pictures that I wouldn’t have otherwise. She was that calm, experienced voice of reason that I very much needed. Our daughters birth was fast. Maybe an hour and a half we were at the birthing center before her arrival.

Unfortunately my blood pressure was having a hard time regulating and I had to be transferred to the hospital. Rebecca was with me every step of the way. She recognized that I was having issues beast feeding and advocated for me to get a lactation consultant in the ER (this is NOT a normal occurrence!). She made sure I was fed and cared for and most of all that we had everything we needed for out brand new little girl that was in the ER with us. Eventually my blood pressure stabilized and I was released to go home that same day.

And this is where Rebecca really started to shine. I truly don’t know how I would’ve made it through the next week’s without her. She hunted down donor breastmilk for me. Got me in touch with lactation consultants. She came to my home and just let me cry. She was that support person that wasn’t emotionally close to the situation and I NEEDED that. She again made sure I had the pictures she knew I’d want later, she made me tea, brought me tinctures, offered to do my grocery shopping.

I can’t rave enough about her. If you are considering a doula DO IT and if you get the opportunity for Rebecca to fill that need for you, you will not be disappointed!

- Lindsay Hayward

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